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Caterina Giudiceandrea

English speaking lawyer at the Paris Bar

As a native English speaking lawyer, Caterina  assists her clients in international legal matters in France, especially international divorce procedures and international family law

Caterina Giudiceandrea has extensive experience in international cross-border legal matters, especially in international divorces in France. She particularly assists clients in cases involving one or more foreign elements and raising private international law issues due, for instance, to the nationality of the parties or the law applicable to a dispute.

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International divorce in France

  • International amicable divorce

  • International divorce in court

  • Organisation of children's lives and financial measures

  • Assessment of alimony (prestation compensatoire)

  • Proceedings seeking financial contribution

  • Liquidation and division of property

  • Choice of adequate international forum, concurrent proceedings and lis pendence issues

  • Assistance in the context of mediations


  • International adoption

  • Establishing parental rights in particular post ART and surrogacy

  • Parental plans

  • Financial apsects

International enforcement and debt recovery in France

  • Enforcement of foreign judgments regarding family affairs (exequatur): divorce, adoption, alimony payments

  • International debt recovery

  • Interim and final enforcement measures measures on assets located in France

Protection of a family member

  • Conservatorship in France

  • Mandate for future protection

  • Appointment of a legal guardian in an international context

  • Limited judicial protection and guardianship of foreigners in France

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Having grown up between England, France and a German-speaking region in northern Italy, Caterina is a native English speaker.

She began her career as a lawyer 10 years ago with the well renowned law firms in Pairs Shearman & Sterling and Archipel. She also worked in the litigation department of Total SA and at the United Nations International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda in Tanzania.

Caterina Giudiceandrea holds a Master 2 in International Law from the University Paris I Panthéon Sorbonne that she obtained in 2011 after five years of training.

She is a member of the Paris Bar and is also registered as with the Trento Bar Association in Italy.

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Free first appointment

The first appointment to get to know the case and the client is always free of charge.

Reasonable legal fees

The fee arrangement is based on the complexity of the legal issue and the value at steak. Billing is either based on a flat-fee or on an hourly rate. No surprises.

Availability and efficiency

Caterina Giudiceandrea is available for her clients and efficiently works on cases. Entrusted matters are closely followed with attention to detail.

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Maître Caterina Giudiceandrea

Avocat à la Cour

50 rue Etienne Marcel 75002 Paris France

+ 33 (0)1 44 82 02 60

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